Little School

Little School's philosophy is to lay sound foundations for lifelong learning - to develop a 'love of learning' in each child.  We aim to make children's transition to school as smooth as possible - preparing children both socially, emotionally and educationally for the next steps in their journey.  We also aim to provide skills for life that will develop children's knowledge, independence and creativity.

Every child at Little School will be assessed and have evaluative daily data and on-going records kept. Objectives pertaining to each child's goals, strengths and interests will be programmed into our planning and evaluated regularly.

Overall planning is prepared and displayed on our Parent Notice board.


Little School will plan activities that are appropriate, challenging, educational and of interest, to extend children's learning and development.  Teachers will work closely with children, developing child initiated discussions and extending children's interests.

Our programme provides opportunities for children to learn independently and collaboratively.  The environment is organised so learning opportunities challenge and extend children's thinking as they explore during developmental time.

Mat times

Our mat times provide children with the opportunity to discuss daily activities, explore our topic, learn new mathematical and literacy concepts, as well as individual news times.

Group times

Our small group times extend children's individual goals, strengths and interests.  These group times are developmentally and age appropriate for children.

Mat and group times are unique to our programme.  They provide incredible learning opportunities for each child.

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